Your community should plan your neighborhood, not Sacramento politicians!

This site is for Californians who believe that cities and communities, not Sacramento politicians, should be making the decisions that change our neighbornoods. Local planners understand our community issues and cultures. Top-down “one size fits all” from the state cannot meet our needs.

We are united in opposing ill-conceived Sacramento power grabs like Scott Wiener’s bills SB 827 and SB 828, which would:

  • overturn existing local zoning and enable wealthy real estate developers to steamroll through our neighborhoods and build massive five-, six-, and ten-story high-density apartment buildings with 100% lot coverage, no parking, and no design controls
  • destroy homes and small mom and pop businesses that are part of our culture, accelerating gentrification and cultural displacement
  • enable developers to build high-rent apartment complexes without parking, filling surrounding streets with cars that wealthy new residents will surely have
  • impose huge new housing quotas on cities with no requirements for affordability and no funding to defray the costs
  • provide no funding to pay for the impacts on affordable housing, roads, transportation, parks, or local public schools with a sudden influx of new residents and students caused by transforming low-density housing into high-density housing
  • create major conflicts of noise privacy, and traffic between high-density five- to ten-story apartment buildings right next to smaller family homes and businesses
  • prevent your local elected city officials and planning departments from managing, balancing, and pacing job growth, public school needs, and population growth through city plans that are based on community needs
  • replace local panning and permitting processes with state “zoning by formula”
  • lower the quality of life in your city

Good city planning takes more than drawing circles around train stops and intersections and lines around bus routes. It requires knowledge of local conditions and needs, culture, and actual behavior of local residents, workers, and commuters and is best done at the local level.

Join us in standing up for local control of neighborhoods’ land use, zoning, and city planning and pushing back against Scott Wiener’s big money power grab!

Scott Wiener thinks he knows what’s best for your neighborhood, community, and public schools just by drawing circles and lines on a map. He doesn’t. SB 827 and SB 828 can’t be fixed and must be killed. Tell Sacramento to leave city planning to local communities and focus on fixing its own messes!