Ask your city council to publicly oppose the SB 827/828 Sacramento power grab

Scott Wiener’s mandatory high-density housing zoning override bill SB 827 and his unfunded housing quotas bill SB 828 are threats to local control of land use and zoning and existing city planning processes throughout the state of California. Who’s better qualified to manage your city’s growth: your local city council and planning department, or developer-funded politicians drawing circles on maps in Sacramento?

Email, write, and call your city council members today and demand that they pass a public resolution opposing SB 827 and SB 828 and similar legislation that rips up existing local zoning and renders city plans and planning processes meaningless.

Here are links to the city council contact pages of some major cities that will be affected by SB 827 and SB 828. If your city’s not on the list, just Google your city’s name and “city council!”

It’s best to write in your own words, but here is a sample email to your city council members opposing SB 827 and SB 828 you can send or use as a starting point.

Demand that your city council stand up for city control of city planning!