Sunnyvale Voter Guide for SB 827 and SB 828

State legislators

Email your state senator and state assembly member (find them here) and demand that they publicly commit to oppose both bills. Attend their in-person events like coffees and district office open houses and let them know your concerns in person.

State Legislator (with email form link) Opposes SB 827? Comment on 827 Opposes SB 828? Comment on 828
State Senator Jerry Hill Says he’s busy preparing his own bills and hasn’t had time to read SB 827 yet.
Assemblymember Marc Berman

City council

Email the City Council and ask that members publicly oppose SB 827 and SB 828 and pass a City Council resolution opposing both bills. (You can use our template email text.) Include your name and address so they know you’re a Sunnyvale voter.

Council Member (with Email) Opposes SB 827? Supports Resolution to Oppose SB 827? Comment Opposes SB 828? Supports Resolution to Oppose SB 828? Comment
Michael Goldman, Seat #7 yes yes yes yes
Jim Griffith, Seat #3
Glenn Hendricks, Seat #2
Larry Klein, Seat #4
Gustav Larsson, Seat #1
Russ Melton, Seat #5
Nancy Smith, Seat #6

Next steps

Post a message on your neighborhood and all adjacent neighborhoods in NextDoor informing your neighbors about SB 827 and SB 828 and asking them to get involved in defending your city’s ability to plan its own growth.

Print fliers and give them to your neighbors! (See instructions on how to customize the fliers.)